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PC Wizard was founded in May of 2003 when we decided to bring home computer repair to individuals at an affordable price.
PC Wizard began seeing a need to reach out to the small businesses of the area and expanded into services for small businesses in 2005.
PC Wizard expanded to cover all Metro Atlanta in 2007 with the help of a contract labor force while still giving you the small business feel that you expect.

Who We Are

Dell-Certified Systems Expert

HP-Accredited Systems Engineer

HP-Certified Systems Engineer
My name is David Jackson and I founded PC Wizard in 2003. I was working for another company at the time but continued to have people often ask me questions about computer problems they were having and if I could come to their house to fix problems they were having with their computers at home. After this continuing to happen I began to realize there was a need for this in the area I lived in. That was the start of PC Wizard, where we bring the service to you.

After taking on this task of creating a business that was friendly to the home user, and showing an ability to always make sure the client understood what we were doing and why, we began having people that owned small businesses ask if we could come to their office and do work for them also. PC Wizard was originally started to serve the needs of the home user, but found that this market was also in need of a reliable business that they could trust, and that would make sure they understood what was being done and why. After just a couple of years in operation, PC Wizard began to expand into other markets and servicing many small businesses. To date we now have a very strong percentage of the work that is done in small businesses.

When PC Wizard was first started the goal was to cover all of Paulding, Douglas, and Carroll counties with the service being performed either the same day or next day that the call for service was received. As the company continued to grow and word was spread, people started asking if we could come to areas that we didn’t really cover. It was always hard to say no to someone that needed their computer so badly. So through making contacts with other very good techs in the area we were able to expand to cover all of Metro Atlanta. We still do as much of the work as we can to give the clients the personalized attention that they have grown accustomed to, but through the use of contractors we are able to still maintain the service needs of our clients to make sure they get the fast service we are known for.

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